Company Services

     e-mentors Technologies offers Enterprise Infor System Development services supplying the people, processes, tools and methodologies for managinmationg custom and packaged software applications. The focus of these services is on a new application development as well as performance enhancements, customization, integration, and other services delivered in support of the life cycle of particular enterprise applications and information system in general.e-mentors Technologies experience in custom development: Java, .NET, C++ (including cross platform development) as well as other areas: PHP, development.

     E-business application development services by e-mentors Technologies department includes web applications and portals development, redesign and performance tuning of legacy systems, customization of open-source solutions, web services building, mash-ups deployment, stand alone to-web migration, new versions development, and web CMS development. Besides professional web development services we provide you with recommendations on cost-effective options for your case (e.g. using open source customization and integration to cut down licensing costs or shorten time of development with rapid application development.

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