e-mentors technologies Software continually seeks to hire talented individuals to join our growing company. Built on the guiding principles of being empowered, effective and excellent. e-mentors technologies has created a corporate culture where hard work is rewarded, personal development is encouraged and collaboration and innovation thrives.

So, why consider a career at e-mentors technologies?

e-mentors technologies associates are among the best and the brightest in the industry. As a global provider of innovative

supply chain management, merchandising and pricing excellence solutions. Given this level of expertise and’s no surprise that the average tenure at e-mentors technologys is nearly 10 years.

More than 6,000 customers have chosen e-mentors technologies to solve their unique supply chain challenges. Our associates’ commitment to helping our customers achieve success has translated into a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating.

At e-mentors technologies, personal development never takes a backseat e-mentors technologies fosters an environment where continuous learning and development is actively pursued and supported. As an associate, you can design a career plan and identify areas of growth, and then select from the e-mentors technologies wide range of resources — which include e-learning courseware, internal and external instructor-led training and more — to help you get there.

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